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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender Review

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender
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The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender is designed to perform the functions of a number of different kitchen appliances. It features Pulse Technology to give you evenly processed and blended ingredients with reliable consistency every time. With the Ninja Pulse Blender you will be able to blend delicious frozen drinks, create juice from whole fruits and vegetables, and even knead dough.

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender comes with singleserve blending cups, a processor bowl, and a number of easy to use attachments. All of the parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 12.4 x 7.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight:  10 pounds
  • Professional Results
  • Feel the Power… With Pulse Technology
  • Ultimate Versatility
  • 40oz processor bowl with lid
  • BPA Free, dishwasher safe parts

The Reviews

When researching the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender we found just under 100 user reviews online and this unit received an impressive average customer rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. One customer called this blender “surprisingly good”. He says that it will be the best blender you’ve ever had even at three times the price. It’s a great option for anyone that needs a small blender and would like to make smoothies, frozen beverages, hummus, sauces, soups and so on.

One customer said that the Ninja Pulse Blender was the best blender they have ever purchased for making healthy drinks like smoothies. They said that the machine does not have one bit of trouble grinding anything from raw vegetables to ice cubes. It has a surprising amount of power for such a small appliance. This person also really liked the individual cups that could be used to make different drinks for different people.

One customer said that they use the Ninja Pulse Blender in combination with their Keurig to make frappuccinos every morning. They love being able to blend their drink right in the cup that can also be used as a travel mug. It only takes a few seconds to completely pulverize ice cubes.

Another person said that they bought this blender to replace their magic bullet and baby bullet blenders. They used the baby bullet to make baby food for their daughter but said that it would consistently leave chunks of food that were too big for their daughter to eat. This person said that the Ninja Pulse Blender obliterates the magic bullet and baby bullet. Another person said that the Ninja Pulse Blender has replaced both their old blender and food processor. They said that the only thing that they wish this blender had was measurement markings on the individual smoothie cups but other than that, the Ninja Pulse Blender is 99.9% perfect.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204)
Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204) Check Price

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