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5 Best Garbage Disposals of 2019

If you’ve enjoyed the convenience of having a garbage disposal, you know that living without one can be dreadful. If you’re searching for your first garbage disposal, you definitely have something to look forward to. Just know that your satisfaction depends on choosing the right model.

A garbage disposal is a great addition to your kitchen. It can:

  • Reduce odors by keeping food waste out of your kitchen trash.
  • Keep pests away from your trash cans.
  • Prevent food scraps from clogging drains or mucking up basins.
  • Help you reduce your use of plastic trash bags.
  • Reduce the amount of trash that goes to landfills or must be incinerated.

The best garbage disposals are easy to install. They should last for years, and should be able to  handle the food waste produced by your family with ease. We also prioritize ease of use, low noise, and efficiency. Below are the five disposals that are worth a second look.

The Top 5 Garbage Disposals of 2019

1. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

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If there was a luxury model of garbage disposals, this would be it. This may be the most expensive garbage disposal on our list, but it has some great features. The base model costs about 345 dollars. You’ll pay more if you need a power cord and an installation tool.

The Benefits:

If you invest in this model, your money will get you the following:

  • A durable disposal that can handle almost any food waste. All of the components in this unit are made from stainless steel alloy. It’s built with a LeakGuard liner to ensure durability, and ‘3-Stage Multigrind Technology’. A jam assist feature prevents blockages, and works well with challenging foods.
  • Quiet operation without sacrificing power. Thanks to insulated SoundSeal Technology, and a quiet yet powerful 1 hp motor, you won’t find yourself shouting over the noise of your garbage disposal.
  • A reputable brand. Insinkerator is synonymous with well-crafted garbage disposals. You’ll be able to count on this brand to last for years.
  • Great energy efficiency. The average electrical use of this model 3 to 4 Kilowatt Hours per year. In the USA energy costs about 12 cents per Kilowatt hour.

This is our choice of best high-end garbage disposal. You’ll be able to rely on this unit for years, and can count on it to deal with the worst of your kitchen waste.

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2. Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP

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If the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is our luxury model, The Waste King L-2600 is the equivalent to an economy car. It’s inexpensive, a bit bare bones, but it’s got a lot going for it. Check out these features:

  • EZ Mount installation that makes it simple to install, even for novices.
  • A removable splash guard that makes cleaning the unit absolutely easy.
  • Durability with stainless steel components. This unit is lightweight and small, but that doesn’t mean it won’t last.
  • 2600 RPM motor that resists jams and clogs.
  • A preinstalled power cord that requires no electrical expertise.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • A continuous feed disposal that can handle volumes of food as you wash the dishes.

You’ll pay 74 dollars for this budget friendly disposal. We like this unit for new homeowners, or anyone who wants the convenience of a garbage disposal without having to invest too much money.

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3. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Septic Assist, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed

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If you have a septic system, you know you  have to be careful to keep that system healthy. If not, you can have a real mess on your hands. This means being very choosy about your garbage disposal, and what you allow to drain into your system. Thankfully, you can use the Evolution Septic Assist with confidence. You can count on this unit for:

  • The reputation of the insinkerator brand. This company builds great disposals, and backs them up.
  • Confidence that not only will your unit not harm your septic system, it will actually help keep it healthy. It uses Bio-Charge to automatically add an injection of microorganisms to help break down food waste, and take the load off of our sensitive septic ecosystem.
  • A powerful disposal that uses  multigrind technology in order to make quick work of even then most difficult foods.
  • Quiet operation that is assisted with SoundSeal technology.

The Evolution Septic Assist is reasonably priced at 219 dollars. If you’ve been hesitant about installing a disposal because of your septic system, research this option a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

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4. Moen GX75C GX Series 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

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This is a good ‘middle of the road’ garbage disposal. At around 143 dollars this unit works well, has good features, and is easy to install. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular when you consider that it is:

  • Easy to install, and fits standard 3-bolt mounting assemblies.
  • Low noise with SoundShield noise reduction.
  • Durable and backed with a limited warranty.
  • Equipped with a power cord that can be removed if you choose to hardwire your unit.
  • Built with a vortex motor and permanent magnet to quickly grind food scraps.

If you have an older, or low-budget disposal in your kitchen, this is a great choice for an upgrade. We also like this one for rental units.

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5. Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP

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If you tend to make garbage disposals work hard, this one could be perfect for you. It’s powerful and durable. It’s also very reasonably priced at about 160 dollars. To start, take a closer look at its features:

  • A 3 bolt mounting system that makes installation quick and easy.
  • A power cord that comes installed meaning you don’t have to do any electrical work yourself.
  • A wall switch activated, continuous feed disposal that grinds food continuously as long as the unit is running.
  • A high speed, 1 HP motor that runs at 2800 revolutions per minute.
  • Sound insulation and jam resistant technology.
  • An impressive 20 year warranty.

Are you a home chef who tends to put your kitchen equipment to the test? This is a great disposal that can take a lot of abuse. You’ll also appreciate that 20 year warranty.

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What to Consider When Buying a Garbage Disposal

If you want to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen, or upgrade the one you’ve got there are several things for you to consider. Now that we’ve shown you the five best garbage disposals of 2019, let’s take a look at the things you should consider before making your purchase.

Ease of Installation

Some garbage disposals come with a power cord preinstalled. Others are meant to be hard wired into your homes electrical system. If you haven’t worked with electricity before, the latter can be challenging. More importantly, it can be dangerous. If you’re a novice at this, choose a disposal with the power cord attached, or consider hiring a professional to install it for you.

If you have a garbage disposal, the mounting unit for that will remain attached to your sink. If you buy a new disposal that fits that unit, installation will be a bit easier. If the new disposal is not compatible, you’ll need to install a new mount as well.

How Much Grinding Power do You Need?

A single person, or a couple that eats out frequently only needs minimal grinding power. On the other hand, if you prep and cook lots of food at home, you want something that’s more robust. This is especially true if you use a lot of high waste foods such as fruits and vegetables. You’ll want to find a unit that can make quick work of ends, peels, and other scraps.

Noise Levels

This may seem like a small consideration. After all, even a loud disposal only runs for a minute or two at a time. Still, this is hardly a pleasant noise. It can be jarring, and it can drown out conversation. You certainly don’t want a loud unit operating in a home with a sleeping baby.

Disposal Safety

While accidents don’t happen often, garbage disposals can cause injuries. These happen most often to people who are attempting repairs without taking the right precautions. Unfortunately, children who are unsupervised and over curious can also be injured. This usually happens when they insert their fingers or objects into the disposal.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent injuries. First, be careful when repairing or installing your unit. If you have children, consider a unit that plugs into an outlet. You can unplug your disposal when it isn’t in use.

Finally, take a look at batch feed garbage disposals. These are a safer alternative to continuous feed models. While continuous feed disposals turn on via a wall mounted switch or an air pressure switch, batch feed disposals work a bit differently. Here, you wait until all of the food you want to dispose of has been rinsed into the drain. Then, you insert a special drain plug that blocks the opening to the disposal. This activates the unit which then grinds up the food so that it can be washed into your sewer or septic system. Nobody can access the moving parts with the drain plug in place.

Your Plumbing And Septic System

Unfortunately, there may be situations where you can’t have a disposal without making some changes and repairs. If you have older plumbing that’s prone to clogs and backing up, your disposal could cause issues. Even though scraps are ground up, they can still create issues with older, problematic systems.

If you have a septic system, stay on top of maintenance. Consider using a disposal that is friendly for septic systems, and ask your septic system service team if you should increase your use of enzymes after you install your unit.


You should expect to spend between 70 and 400 dollars for your disposal. Keep in mind that this cost is for the unit itself. If you want it professionally installed, you’ll pay extra for that. Also, not all disposals come with a mounting unit or dedicated installation tool. That’s also an extra expense to consider. As far as energy costs go, there’s not too much to worry about. You won’t likely spend more than a couple of dollars on your unit each year.

Disposal Use Tips

It seems simple enough doesn’t it? Switch the unit on, and let it grind up your food as it rinses down the drain. It’s definitely true that using your disposal is easy, but there are still some tips you can follow to make your garbage disposal work better, and last longer.

  • Read the instructions for your unit. Each one may have different capabilities. For example, Insinkerator Evolution models can grind bones and avocado pits. Other models can’t do this. Also, different models have different procedures to follow if your disposal has issues.
  • Run water first, then start your disposal. Only then should you add in food. When you do add food, only add a bit at a time.
  • Avoid pouring grease into your disposal. Even a little bit can cause problems.
  • Know where your reset button is. If your unit stops working, check the reset button. That may be all you need to get it started again.
  • Your disposal may have come with a jam key. This can be inserted into the bottom of your disposal and turned back and forth to release a jammed unit.

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste your valuable time researching dozens of garbage disposals this year. If it’s time for a new disposal unit, take a look at our top five. These are all reliable choices that are perfect for a wide range of budgets. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your household perfectly!

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