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Food Dehydrator Tips

Preserving Food with a Solar Food Dehydrator

There are a lot of reasons why people like to dehydrate food. One reason is for food storage. If you have a garden you probably end up with a large surplus of fruits and/or vegetables this at the end of the growing…

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How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Food Dehydrator

Most of the things we buy will last a lot longer with proper care and maintenance and your food dehydrator is no different. Cleaning your dehydrator and keeping it properly maintained will increase the odds that it will last for a long…

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How Does Food Dehydration Work

Dehydrating food is an age-old method of food preservation. Before the days when everyone had a refrigerator and freezer or even a local grocery store where you could go and buy just about anything you want at any time, finding ways to…

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