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Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher Review

Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher
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The Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher features five wash cycles, giving you a variety of cleaning combinations. There is no need to scrub and prewash your dishes before putting them into the ADB1000AWB.

This dishwasher will spray them with a powerful stream of water and there is a cycle that offers a longer, more thorough washing so that even heavily soiled dishes with dried on food will come clean. There is also a rinse cycle that you can use between washes to prevent food from drying on in the first place.

The Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher also features a heated dry function that will allow you to take your dishes straight from the dishwasher to the cupboard with no towel drying required.

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 23.9 x 23.9 x 34.4 inches
  • Product Weight:  84 pounds
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Standard Tub Dishwasher
  • Soil Settler Tower Feed Wash System
  • Plate Warm Cycle
  • Vinyl Racks

The Reviews

When researching reviews for the Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher we found over 40 reviews online and this dishwasher received a very solid 4 star rating. With a lot of the items that we review we see a lot of reviews that are all over the place from 1 and 2 star reviews all the way up to 5 star reviews. With this particular dishwasher the vast majority were right in the 4 star range. Most customers are very satisfied with this dishwasher but it’s also not as high quality as the much more expensive models you can find.

Most customers agree that the ADB1000AWB is a very good dishwasher for the price. It is very affordable and it gets the job done, effectively cleaning your dishes. Of course there are a few common complaints which is why this dishwasher did not receive 5 star reviews across the board. One minor issue that a lot of people had was that the silverware rack is very small. A lot of people that reviewed this dishwasher would recommend that you either keep the silverware rack from your old dishwasher or purchase a replacement. A lot of people also comment that the ADB1000AWB is very loud but for many people this was not a big problem and was just something they were pointing out.

Aside from those minor issues people have a lot of good things to say about the ADB1000AWB. Many customers were simply looking for a dishwasher that was affordable and did a good job. A lot of people were not very concerned with getting a dishwasher that had lots of bells and whistles and fancy features. For these people, the Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher fit the bill perfectly. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features but it is affordable and it does a very good job of washing dishes.

Most of the people that left reviews agree that it does a very good job of cleaning dishes. One person said that they put dirty dishes into the dishwasher without prewashing and they ran the dishwasher two days later. They said that this machine did a good job and all of the dishes came out clean. Most customers that left reviews also said that this dishwasher is a good-looking machine and that it is easy to use.

After researching all of the reviews online for the Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher we would highly recommend this model to anyone looking for an affordable dishwasher that may not have all of the fancy features of a more expensive machine but will do what it is meant to do, which is washing your dishes. If you can live with the fact that it is a bit loud when it runs then you’ll probably be very happy with the ADB1000AWB.

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