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Oster FPSTFP4600 Stainless Steel 10-Cup Food Processor Review

Oster FPSTFP4600 Stainless Steel 10-Cup Food Processor
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The Oster FPSTFP4600 Professional 10-Cup Food Processor with In-Bowl Storage uses a whisper quiet, 450 watt induction motor to help you slice, dice, mince, chop and purée. It also features a 10 cup capacity so that you can easily make large or small batches of your favorite foods.

The Oster FPSTFP4600 features cord storage and a unique, in bowl accessory storage rack to help keep everything neat and organized. This food processor comes with a reversible shredding disc, a reversible 2 mm and 4 mm slicing disc, stainless steel blades, and a dough blade. All parts are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 17.6 x 9.4 x 11.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight:  14 pounds
  • Full-size feed tube with food pusher;
  • Locking lid provides added safety
  • Handy spatula included
  • Sleek-looking stainless-steel housing with black accents

The Reviews

There are not a lot of reviews online yet for the Oster FPSTFP4600 Professional 10-Cup Food Processor. We searched for this product on various online retail websites but the only reviews we found were on Amazon.com. On Amazon.com there were only 5 user reviews and they were split almost right down the middle. Three people gave this food processor a 5 star rating and the other two gave it a 1 star rating.

The people that left positive reviews for the Oster FPSTFP4600 said that it feels very sturdy. It has some plastic parts but the plastic isn’t flimsy. One customer said that they dropped one of the accessories and it didn’t break, the accessories on their older food processor would’ve shattered. People are also commenting that this unit is very quiet. You can use this food processor and have a conversation at the same time. One person said that the motor barely hums when it is turned on.

Another person said that they use this food processor almost everyday and they don’t know how they ever lived without one. Another customer summed up their review by saying that they like the Oster FPSTFP4600 and they would buy it again.

One of the two negative reviews came from a customer that had a plastic tab brake while they were putting this machine together. He said that he feels the manufacturing of this product is “very cheap”. The other person that left a negative review says that this food processor works pretty well but one of the bowls broke and they have not been able to find a replacement.

With so few reviews and with some of the reviews being polar opposites of each other it’s impossible to say for sure whether the Oster FPSTFP4600 is in fact a quality item. Three people love it and two people are very disappointed and we don’t have anything else to go on. If you do purchase this food processor just make sure you buy it from a retailer with a good return policy, just in case.

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