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Weber 441001 Silver One-Touch 18-1/2-Inch Kettle Grill Review

Weber 441001 Silver One-Touch 18-1/2-Inch Kettle Grill
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Weber has long been recognized as the “Cadillac” of barbecue grills. Not only are they among the best made grills in the world, but thanks to innovative and creative design, they are among the highest rated for their ability to produce outstanding barbecued foods. The Weber 441001 Silver One-Touch 18-1/2-Inch Kettle Grill offers a full 240 square inches of cooking surface in a kettle shaped grill that helps to keep both heat and smoke locked in. This promotes even cooking and allows you to use your grill as a smoker as well. You will notice that the design of this grill has not changed from the grills your parents might have used when you were a kid. This is because the design is so good that Weber has never changed it or felt a need to improve on it.

What is In the Box

  • Porcelain enameled bowl and lid
  • Plated steel cooking grate
  • Aluminized steel one touch cleaning system with ash tray
  • Durable all weather wheels
  • Leg assemblies
  • Owner’s manual
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The Weber Silver One Touch Grill comes ready to assemble, but because Weber has put attention to every detail of their grills this grill will not take hours to assemble. The grill is carefully packaged to ensure that the contents reach you undamaged and in perfect condition. The grill will take you less than an hour to assemble from the time you start until the time you are ready to start grilling. A thorough, well written owner’s manual will not only ensure that assembly is trouble free, but that getting your grill going right will also be an easy and enjoyable task. Everything you need is include in the box except for charcoal, and a few simple tools needed to assemble your new grill.

First Impressions

Once you have the grill assembled and it is time to light it up, you will notice that the grill has a vent on top of the lid. This vent makes it easy to control your cooking temperatures during the entire cooking process. It also allows you to use the grill as a smoker adding more flavor to your meat as you grill. The grill has a good sized grill space that is perfect for cooking for the entire family.

Weber has thoughtfully included glass reinforced nylon handles so no one gets burned when they are cooking. The Silver One Touch Grill also includes a One-Touch® cleaning system that makes clean up quick and easy. The cleaning system is designed to take care of ash from the bottom of the grill by removing it with a simple lever that removes the ashes from the bowl. Then you can simply remove the aluminum ash catcher and dispose.

The Weber Silver One Touch Grill in Action

The famous Weber design has always made these grills easy to light and the 18 1/2 inch grill surface is plenty of space for grilling your favorite meats. The high quality materials and vent on the top of the lid ensure even cooking and there is enough space to set up cooking zones where you can slow cook your favorite roasts or smoke just about any meat. The kettle shape is still the best for routing the heat inside the grill ensuring that your meat will be perfectly cooked every time.

Last Thoughts

If you are looking for a lightweight easy to move grill at a budget price you cannot go wrong with the Weber One touch Silver 18 1/2 inch Grill. All of the components are carefully crafted of high quality materials and then painted to ensure a rust resistant, chip proof finish design to last a long time. The grill is sturdy enough to take some heavy use and is perfect for places where there may not be enough room for a full size propane grill because of its compact size.

Amazon reviewers love how compact this grill is, it makes it perfect to store in the garage and roll out to the patio when it is time to have a barbeque. Customers love the way the dome shaped design and good construction of the Weber grill keeps heat in and uses less charcoal than other grills. They also love the ability to put plenty of meat on the grill and have little or no trouble with flare ups. Negatives about this grill from reviewers include the handles getting too hot, which is a design flaw a few of their models have, and the ash catchers do not do a good job of keeping the ash contained and it frequently ends up blowing out of the grill. Despite these drawbacks this grill is a great budget grill and perfect for families with tiny yards and decks that want to enjoy outdoor grilling so it comes highly recommended.

Weber 441001 Silver One-Touch 18-Inch Kettle Grill
Weber 441001 Silver One-Touch 18-Inch Kettle Grill, Black Check Price
Weber 441001 Silver One-Touch 18-Inch Kettle Grill, Black Check Price

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