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Cooking Tips for a Healthy New Year

If you are like most of us you make a number of New Year’s resolutions, many of which you probably fail to keep. At the same time this is the perfect time to stop and take a good look at how you cook your foods and make a few simple changes designed to make them healthier. Many of these ideas are simple and can easily be incorporated into your everyday cooking, others may require you to add a few new ingredients to your pantry.



Veggies Are Your Friend

If you have been keeping an eye on your diet, you have probably increased your veggie intake. We all know that vegetables are very healthy and an important part of our diets, but are you taking as much advantage of them as you can. For example, if you plan to eat sandwiches for lunch, stuff them full of leafy green lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocados, and sprouts.

Not only is this much healthier than adding more meat and cheese, it is far more filling. You can make this process easier by prepping a selection of your favorite veggies in advance and keeping them in Ziploc bags in your refrigerator.



Cut Back On Your Salt

Sure everyone knows you are supposed to be cutting back on your salt, but how successful have you been? Here’s a quick tip to help you cut back a little more on how much salt you use. Swap the lids on your salt and pepper shakers. The holes in the top of your pepper shaker are somewhat smaller than those in the lid of your salt shaker. Doing this can help make a significant difference in the amount of salt you use when cooking and at the table.


Have a Meatless Monday

No matter how much your family enjoys meat, consider a meatless Monday. Even if your family is not overly interested in vegetarian meals, you might be surprised at how well they will respond to a tasty stir fry marinated in any one of what has become dozens of different sauces instead of adding meat to the dish. Once you get your family used to eating more vegetables, you may find they start asking you to add more vegetables to each meal.


Become a Giving Baker

As much as you and your family might enjoy fresh home baked goodies, you need to be careful how many of them you eat. Consider taking the remainder of the next batch of brownies or the next cake into work. Your co-workers are sure to enjoy the treats and your family will be able to enjoy them without getting carried away.

In essence start the New Year off the way you intend to finish it by taking a good look at the way you prepare a number of your favorite dishes and incorporating a few new ones along the way. Even simple things such as adding more spice such as peppers and hot sauces can help you create healthier meals that your family is sure to enjoy.

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