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Slow Cookers – More Time to Relax and Less Time Cooking

One of the things that has made slow cookers or crockpots as many call them so popular is the ability to toss a few ingredients into a stoneware crock, turn it on and come home to fresh cooked and healthy food. For the fast paced, working modern generation it puts food on the table after a long busy day when it needs to be.

With fall here, it is a great time to pull that crockpot out of your cupboards and get reacquainted, there is no limit to what you can do with a slow cooker, and with just a few simple ingredients comfort foods will be waiting for you after a long day at work.


Tips for Using your Slow Cooker

One of the best things about a crockpot is you can be as simple or as elegant as you want to, depending on how much time you have to spend in the kitchen. Something as simple as a couple of cups of chicken broth, some uncooked rice, a can of cream of mushroom soup and chicken breasts can offers a hearty meal at the end of a day. Vary it up with changing the seasonings you add, add beef or pork instead, add any vegetables you might want and you can have different meal every day of the week.

Toss a few vegetables, a roast, and some broth, and cook up an entire meal in a pot. Soups and chili are easy to make as well, just toss in the ingredients and let them cook on low all day. You will have the advantage of a meal that has been slow cooked without all the work. Make a rich pasta sauce with tomato sauce, tomato paste, vegetables, and meat.

There is no limit to what you can make in a slow cooker and because of the way it cooks you can limit the fat content and still get rich, tender amazing results.

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