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Holiday Recipes for Christmas

Smoked Salmon

Smokers make a popular gift for men at Christmas, and you will find plenty of them on sale this Christmas season. Whether you plan to give your favorite guy a smoker, or you are hoping to add it to your list of…

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Honey Oatmeal Bread

Making bread is an art that many people would love to master, but do not seem to have the patience for. Using a KitchenAid mixer greatly increases your chances of making the perfect loaf of bread. The mixer does all of the…

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Festive Chili Cheese Spiral Wraps

These wraps make the perfect finger food for any Christmas party. The bright red bell peppers and green spinach wraps make them festive all on their own, and arranging them in circular tiers make them the perfect base for a Christmas tree…

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Pernil Asado or Roast Pork Shoulder

In Puerto Rico no Christmas is complete without a whole roasted pig. For a small family however, a roasted pork shoulder still cooked with all of the festive seasonings used for a Lechon or roasted whole pig makes an acceptable compromise. This…

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Swedish Saffron Buns

These sweet “S” shaped buns are traditional for St. Lucia’s Day, the Swedish holiday celebrated on December 13th leading up to Christmas. The Lucia Day celebration goes back hundreds of years, and includes feasting, candlelit processions, singing and much more. These yeast…

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Pork Roast with Apple Cranberry Stuffing

A delightful twist on a very traditional pork roast that is sure to put a smile on the face of that someone special in your life. Ingredients 2.5 lb. Pork Roast (use a center cut boneless roast and try to get one…

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