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16 Gadgets for a STRESS FREE Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, meal planning is more than likely  starting to take effect.  And there’s no doubt, that no matter how joyful Thanksgiving can be, it can also be incredibly stressful with huge meal preparations!

Our Kitchen Chatters team has worked tirelessly in researching top quality kitchen gadgets to help your Thanksgiving run that much more smoother.

All 16 products have superior customer reviews and ratings to ensure nothing but top notch satisfaction.  These are excellent tools, gadgets and accessories to cut your meal preparation in half, so you can be sure to spend more time with the ones you love, because after all, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.


Priority Chef Potato ricer and masher (On Amazon)

potato masher

What’s Thanksgiving without mash potatoes?! This stainless steel potato masher has silicon handles, providing comfort while mashing large quantities, giving you light, smooth mashed potatoes each and every time.  Bonus: this handy tool is also great for mashing other things like baby food and cauliflower rice.  The whole tgadget is dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is a breeze.

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-blade Spiralizer, 8-in-1 spiral slicer (On Amazon)


This 8-in-1 spiral takes the labor out of the tedious task of chopping, slicing, spiraling, grating and citrus juicing.  It truly does everything in a fraction of the time so your not spending endless hours slaving away chopping, slicing and cutting for Thanksgiving.  And here’s your solution for paleo or low-carb meals, as this is the perfect gadget for making healthy, vegetable noodles. This heavy-duty spiral comes with a lifetime guarantee.

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves (On Amazon)


Keep your hands protected while cutting, slicing and grating with these durable cutting gloves.  These gloves are 4 times stronger than leather, machine washable, snug fitting and food grade safe.  No one wants to spend their Thanksgiving getting stitched up, so play it safe with these gloves! 3 different sizes to choose from to ensure you have a snug, comfortable and tight fit to avoid hassle.

OXO Good Grip 4 Cup Fat Separator (On Amazon)

fat sperater

Cut the fat from your holiday gravy with this convenient and easy to use fat separator.  Simply pour your gravy into the strainer, let it sit until fat comes to the surface, remove the side pour cover, then pour into a gravy dish.  The best way to still enjoy savory gravy with half the saturated calories.

Cuisiant Electric Knife (On Amazon)

electric knife

Cut your carving time in half with this simply convenient electric knife set.  This knife set comes with two stainless steel blades, one for carving and one for bread, a four foot electric cord, and a sleek butcher block storage board.  There is a lockable on/off button in which to activate the pressure power, meaning just by applying pressure to whatever you’re cutting simply turns the knife on.  Now here is a time saver!

Calphalon Contemporary Stainless 16-Inch Roaster with non-Stick roasting rack (On Amazon)

roasting rack

If roast turkey is on the Thanksgiving menu this year then be sure to roast in this sophisticated, stainless steel, roasting pan.  The elevated non-stick rack provides heat circulation to ensure crispy turkey skin all around and let’s the roasting pan collect all the flavor, fat and drippings to use for biasing and gravy!  The rack has two handles so moving your turkey from pan to serving dish is quick and easy.  Also includes a glass lid. All parts are dishwasher safe. Calphalon products as durable, high quality and come with a lifetime warranty.



Oster CKSTRS23-SB 22 Quart Roaster Oven with self Biasing lid (On Amazon)

roasting oven

Free up space in your already crowded oven with this electric roasting oven.  The self biasing lid keeps you from manually biasing which in time saves energy and heat, resulting in moist turkey in less time.  This oven is big enough for a 26 pound turkey, comes with a removable roasting pan and roasting rack and has adjustable temperature settings.  Can also be used for baking and slow cooking!

Supreme Home Cook Oven and Grill Wireless Digital Long Range Meat Thermometer (On Amazon)


Take the guess work out of cooking meats and poultry with this wireless digital thermometer.  Simply preset desired temperature on the digital hand unit and submerge thermometer probe.  This will ensure you have perfectly cooked chicken, turkey, lamb, beef or ham each and every time.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer (On Amazon)


The Char-Broil is the easiest, stress-free way to fry up your turkey with no mess, no splatters, and NO OIL.  Infrared heat is used to cook your turkey in the same manner and time it takes to deep fry your turkey;  same delicious, crispy, juicy, and flavorful results but without the fat and oil.  There’s no mess to clean up, no waiting for oil to heat up and no safety issues to worry about, as you do with a traditional turkey deep-fryer.  And this Char-Broiler is made to last, so enjoying phenomenal turkey hassle-free will sure to be your new family tradition for many years!

Masterbuilt M7p 7-in-1 Smoker and Grill (On Amazon)


This 7-in-1 cooker literally does it all!  Enjoy your turkey any which way, with one handy, durable cooking gadget.  This thing roasts, smokes, grills, deep-fries, broils and steams!  It has a propane hook up or charcoal/woodchips could also be used.  Keep all your holidays meals exciting by breaking away from traditional roasted turkey dinners and enjoy something different each year!

Rachel Ray’s Stoneware 1-1/4th Quart and 2-1/4 Quart Baker Set (On Amazon)


This beautiful orange stoneware set will be sure to dress the Thanksgiving dinner table with a vibrant and festive touch.  This set includes 2 baking dishes that are chip-resistant, dishwasher safe, and easy to carry with wide gripping handles.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron 14-Inch Roasting Pan (On Amazon)

cast-iron roasting


Receive compliments  and complement the table with this beautiful rustic cast iron casserole dish.  Cast iron retains heat which evenly cooks food and helps it remain hot longer.   The cardinal red finish makes this an attractive dish to easily go from oven to table.

Rachel Ray’s Oven Lovin’ Non-Stick 5-piece Bakeware Set (On Amazon)

bakeware set

With plenty to bake and roast for Thanksgiving this 5- piece non-stick bakeware set will be sure to come in handy.  Comes with one 9X5 deep rectangle, one 9X13 rectangle, one 10X15 rectangle crisp sheet and two 9-inch rounds, all with silicone grips in a fun, eye-popping color.  These are dishwasher safe to ensure an easy clean up.

Clay In Motion Handmade Ceramic Deep Dish 9″ Pie Plate (On Amazon)

pie dish

What’s better than homemade pie?  Homemade pie in a handmade, beautifully unique pie dish of course!  Be sure to please your dinner guests or your dinner host with this elegant, thoughtfully made clay pie dish.  Comes with a delicious Apple Crumble Pie recipe, is lead free, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.  Make a great holiday gift!

High Quality Wine Opener, Corkscrew and Pour (On Amazon)


What holiday dinner table is complete without a sleek, sophisticated wine opener?  This high quality, copper winged wine opener is built to last.  It comes with a wine stopper and pourer so you’ll be sure to experience the full wine and dine evening in true class.  Also, can we suggest this makes an excellent gift to bring to your host to show appreciation and thanks for opening their home to you.

Dll Napkin Rings, Pumpkin (On Amazon)

napkin rings

Just the last finishing touches symbolize you’re true attention to detail.  These cute pumpkin napkin rings tie everything together, just this one little step in setting the table is sure to please everyone.  These can be ordered is sets of 4, 6, or 12 making sure you have just the right amount!



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