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Instant Pot Your Solution to a Small Kitchen

If you are like most cooks you have an overflow of appliances in your kitchen. That seems to be a common problem for many cooks, but thanks to modern technology you can cook smarter not more cluttered by choosing appliances that do more than one job. High powered blenders can do everything from chopping vegetables to make soup, stand mixers can mix, and with the right attachments slice, puree, shred and much more. The Instant Pot might look like the next appliance to take up space in your appliance cabinet, but it offers a unique advantage. This appliance has 7 different functions, many of which you use every day.


More Than a One Hit Wonder


The thing that attracts most people to the Instant Pot is the ability to sauté, pressure cook, and slow cook all in one pot. In fact this pot has 7 functions total, in addition to pressure cooking, slow cooking and sautéing, this pot also acts as a rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer. But even if you do not use the Instant Pot for these functions, the first 3 will allow you to make an entire meal in one pot. Unlike similar offerings, the Instant Pot has integrated functions that you can choose with a push of a button. There are also specialty buttons for cooking rice, grains, steaming, and cooking different dishes such as poultry meat or soup. Each function comes with its own adjustments allowing you to adjust temperature, time, and other necessary functions. The pot also comes with a 24 hour timer allowing you to set cook cycles and temperature for delayed cooking and automatic warming.


Safety First

Because the Instant Pot is also a pressure cooker, it’s built with important safety mechanism that make it safer than the pressure cooker your grandmother used. A safety lid lock prevents opening until it is safe, while the regulator keeps pressure in safe limits. The vent is built to prevent blockages, and the Instant Pot can instantly recognize if there is a steam leak. Automatic temperature control and high temperature monitor ensures that your food never gets burned.


Made to Last

The Instant Pot is made from 3 ply, food grade 304 high quality stainless steel. It comes with an 18/8 stainless steel steaming rack, condensation collector, rice paddle, soup spoon, and measuring cup. The Instant Pot has been a huge success, due in part to its well-made construction as well as the fact that it does everything that it claims to do. Reviewers rave over how it really does brown meat, a huge plus when using it as either a slow cooker or pressure cooker. Many reviewers have replaced multiple appliances and love that they only have this one single appliance taking up space on their counter instead of the several they had before.


The bottom line is that the Instant Pot is not just another dust collector, but it will send your other appliance to the cabinet with its ability to do so much in just a single appliance. If you are looking for a way to clean up your counter, or just want the ability to cook a meal in a single pot, the Instant Pot will do all of

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