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Blender Buyers Guide – Some Tips for Picking out the Perfect Blender

If you walk into a store to look for a blender you will be presented with quite a few options. If you shop online for a blender you will probably have more options than you could ever possibly look at. Choosing the right blender can be tricky when there are so many different options to choose from so we put together this blender buyers guide to help people learn what to look for so they can buy a blender that will be perfect for them.


Set Your Budget

Before shopping for any kitchen appliance you need to decide on a budget, how much are you willing to spend on a blender? There are high-end blenders that are fantastic appliances but they can cost $400 or much more. You can get a low-end blender for as little as $20 but it may not do the job you need it to do and it may not last very long. There are plenty of good quality blenders that fall somewher in the middle that will serve you well and can be purchased without breaking the bank.


Consider What You Will Use Your Blender for

How you plan to use a blender can help you decide which blender to purchase. If you want to make margaritas, iced coffee, smoothies and other frozen beverages, you may need a different type of blender than you would need if you were planning on making salsa, soups or sauces. If you plan on crushing ice and making smoothies with frozen fruit, you may have to be prepared to spend a little more money for a heavy-duty blender.


Some Things to Look for When You Are Shopping for a Blender


How the Blender Looks

The way a blender looks is not the most important thing in the world but a lot of people choose to leave their blender on the countertop rather than putting it away after every use. If your blender is going to spend a lot of time on the countertop, it should be an attractive addition to your kitchen.


How Much Power the Blender Has

Many blenders will operate at somewhere between 300 and 500 Watts. Of course there are some low-end blenders that are under 100 Watts and there are some high-end, commercial quality machines that may operate at 1000 Watts or even up to 1500 Watts. You don’t necessarily need the commercial grade machine and many blenders that operate in the 300 to 500 watt range can crush ice and mix drinks just as effectively as the high-end blenders.


The Controls

Some of the blenders available today have programmable keypads and LCD displays. Keypads can be nice because they are easy to clean. They can be wiped off and there are no crevices for food to get into. On the other hand, you may not need a lot of bells and whistles if all you want to do is mix some margaritas.


Research Customer Reviews Online

The best way to know if a blender is going to work well for you or not would be to purchase it and try it for yourself. However, it is not practical to buy multiple blenders and return the ones that you don’t like. The next best thing is to research customer reviews online. Get input from people who have purchased some of the blenders you are considering and see what they have to say. Getting that input can help you make a decision about choosing the blender that would be best for you.

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