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4 Popular Kitchen Styles

Choosing a distinct kitchen style is one way to give your home a more defined personality. And it can also be a lot of fun. Once you decide on the style you want for your kitchen, you get to spend hours poring over pictures of kitchens already in that style in search of ideas. Searching for pieces and décor that will help you recreate that style can be an adventure in and of itself. But the best part is the moment when you are finally able to bring that style to life in your own kitchen.

There are dozens of kitchen styles to choose from, and each has its own feel and personality. And here are four of the most popular kitchen designs.


Contemporary Kitchen Style


Do you like to stay up on the latest styles? If so, you might favor a contemporary kitchen design. Contemporary style is all about knowing what’s hot right now, staying abreast of the latest trends, and keeping your kitchen design up to date.

Many people think “modern” and “contemporary” are synonymous, but far from it. Contemporary design is all about “what’s hot,” even if that’s something straight out of a previous decade. So, in your contemporary kitchen, you can have very modern, almost futuristic appliances sitting beneath an Art Deco style clock, if Art Deco is what’s popular at the time.

A contemporary kitchen can be as unique and eclectic as any other kitchen design. But one thing all contemporary kitchens have in common that the design is sleek and simple. All furnishings and appliances should have clean lines, and the room should be kept free of clutter. You also don’t want to go overboard with color. Choose a subtle, muted color palette with maybe a sophisticated pop of color here and there.

The one advantage of having a contemporary kitchen is that the very “in” cabinets or appliances you choose today can be considered out of style in just a few years. So you might find yourself feeling the need to update a contemporary kitchen more often than you would a kitchen in another style.


Country Kitchen Style


Do you want a kitchen that’s warm and cozy feeling? A kitchen that has a welcoming, lived-in feeling that seems to just beckon you to take a step inside? If so, you might like a country kitchen design.

The keyword when it comes to country style is “comfort.” Not only should you feel comfortable and relaxed while working in your kitchen, but guests should feel at ease when joining you.

So what are the elements of country kitchen design? Think careworn wood floors, with a few homey rugs here and there. Deep, farmhouse sinks with burnished fixtures and a folded wash cloth slung over the faucet. And cabinets made of a light wood, like oak.

The best country kitchens are those in which the décor seems to be made of things you’ve collected over time. So it’s okay if the chairs at the kitchen table don’t match as long as they complement each other. And the curtains don’t have to match the table cloth as long as their color palettes are harmonious.


Retro Kitchen Style

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