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5 Must Have Appliances for the True Foodie

For the true foodie the kitchen is the ultimate playground and there always seems to be at least one more appliance they need or one that should be replaced with a better model. There are of course a number of vital appliances that belong in your kitchen, all of which are likely to come in very handy at some point in time. Many of them will become so useful that you may find yourself wondering how you ever managed without them. Among these are the following five very popular small appliances:


A Handheld Blender

Often referred to as immersion blenders these handheld units have become extremely popular over the past few years. Some are cordless, but the most powerful and effective ones are corded. These “stick” blenders have a wide range of uses such as for making gravy without any lumps right in the roasting pan. You can also use them for pureeing smaller amounts in a bowl rather than breaking out the food processor. Look for one that has plenty of power and more than one speed to maximize its usability.


A Mandolin

Have you ever wondered how restaurants manage to get such incredibly paper thin, perfectly cut slices of vegetables? The simple answer is that they all use a device referred to as a “mandolin” or sometimes spelled “mandolin.” This device include an inclined plane with an extremely sharp blade. The height of the blade is adjustable to allow you to create the cuts you need. Many come with an array of attachments to help with julienne cuts, wavy cuts, shreds, and more. Always use the safety guards, most professionals also wear stainless steel mesh gloves to protect their hands.

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