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How to Make a Dry Rub to Enhance Your BBQ

We all know that when we are grilling we need to use some type of sauce to baste our meat. But not many of us know how to make or use a basic dry rub. Dry rubs have a few different tasks in the perfect BBQ but their most important role is to add flavor to your meats.

Dry rubs are typically used the night before you BBQ in the place of a marinade to give the meat time to absorb all of the flavors. What most people do not know about dry rubs is that they are not used in place of a sauce, but rather as a compliment to the sauce. For this reason it is important to keep in mind not just the meat but the sauce you use when deciding what to put in your dry rub.

This video will show you how to make a good basic dry rub that is good for most of your BBQ needs.

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