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In Search of Healthy Desserts for Your Valentine

One of the fastest way to your love’s heart is to serve them a very sweet treat. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner this is the perfect time to consider blending the desire for a sweet treat with a few healthy choices. Where once the only way to satisfy your sweet tooth was a litany of sugar laden sweets and desserts, today there are a number of healthy options designed to take care of the cravings without ruining your diet.


Low Sugar and Low Fat Can Still Be Fun

One of the first things most people need to realize is that just because a dessert or sweet treat is made with less sugar or lower fat ingredients, does not mean that your treats won’t satisfy everyone. Although Valentine’s Day is typically one of indulgences and sweet treats, consider the ingredients you plan to use in your desserts very carefully.


Look for recipes that tend to use ingredients such as semi sweet or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Not only do most of these use less sugar as an ingredient, but also the chocolate itself contains little to no sugar of its own. Look more towards using fresh fruits such as pumpkin or strawberries. These are naturally sweet and require little to no sugar when using them to make a wide range of dessert dishes.


Creams and Toppings

Nothing goes better on a sweet dessert than a creamy topping. However, most are made using heavy whipping cream and lots of sugar. While this might seem like the tastiest option, with a little more effort you can use light whipping cream, vanilla, and a smaller amount of sugar to achieve a light and fluffy cream topping you and your love are sure to enjoy.

In the end there are dozens of ways to deliver amazing sweet treats without the need to use large amounts of sugar or copious quantities of syrups and creams. You can serve the most amazing confections and keep them all relatively healthy at the same time. Taking a little extra time to research alternative recipes and ingredients will definitely continue to please the palate and the waistline all at the same time this Valentine’s Day.

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