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Make a Big Taste Difference with Homemade Butter

Your grandmother or perhaps great grandmother could probably tell you a thing or two about making butter. Chances are that they learned how to work a butter churn as part of their daily chores if they lived on a farm. Today we rely on being able to run out to our local grocery store for the butter we need. Have you ever considered making your own butter?  There are several methods you can try at home, some of which are far easier than others.


The Quart Jar Method

One way to go about making your own butter requires a one quart mason jar, a pint of whipping cream, and some serious biceps. Simply pour the cream in the jar, screw the lid on tight and shake vigorously for about 25 minutes. When all is said and done, you will have made your very own butter. All you need to do is add a little salt and then shape it into a block or put in a tub.


If this seems to be a bit too much like hard work, there is a much better way to go about making your own butter. Take the same pint of whipping cream and pour it into your food processor. Turn on the processor and continue whipping until the milk fats separate. Pour off any excess liquid and enjoy the butter you have just made. The entire process should take no more than 6 to 8 minutes.


Add a Little Flavor

Although there is nothing like the taste of freshly made butter, there is also nothing to say you can’t add a little extra flavor on your own. Add a head of roasted garlic, a tablespoon of fresh rosemary, salt and pepper to taste, and you have an amazing roasted garlic and rosemary butter that can be served with a number of your favorite dishes.


For those who have a sweet tooth consider adding a couple of teaspoons of honey to half a cup of butter. Go all out and add a tablespoon of your favorite bourbon, maple syrup, and a slice of fully cooked bacon to your next batch of butter. As you can see the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. One last note, if you do not own a food processor you can also make butter with your stand mixer and a whisk attachment.

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