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Making the Perfect Crispy Bacon Every Time

If cooking perfectly crisp and tasty bacon seems hit and miss, you are not alone. Bacon can be tough to cook at the best of times, when you add variables such as humidity, cooking methods, and the brand of bacon, you never know what you are going to get until the bacon is done and on the breakfast table.

Fortunately there is a simple technique that will give you consistent results every time, and ensure that your bacon is crisp and tender instead of soggy or dry and crumbly. Good bacon always starts with finding good quality meat. Don’t skimp here, look for dry cured bacon and if possible head to your butcher shop. Often times you can get bacon cut for you while your wait for cheaper than what your local supermarket sells it for.


This method of cooking will seem a bit strange the first time you try it. The bacon is cooked in water, which seems counterintuitive to everything we have been taught. However cooking water in bacon keeps the initial cooking temperature low and gentle, allowing the bacon to retain its moisture and stay tender. Once water reaches the boiling point, the fat on the bacon has already been rendered so it is much more difficult to burn bacon. Here is how it is done:

Put bacon in skillet and add just enough water to cover it. Wait for the water to come to a boil and drop heat to medium, allowing the water to simmer away. Turn the heat to medium low and continue cooking slowly until bacon is crisp and browned. The bacon will plump as you cook it instead of shrinking and leave bacon beautifully crisp.

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