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Is there a Pizza Dough Bread Machine

We all know that a breadmaker is designed to make bread.  Is there such a thing as a pizza dough bread machine?  The answer to that question is both yes and no.  No, there isn’t a machine that exclusively makes pizza dough for you.  Yes, there are several different kinds of breadmakers that have the capability to make the ingredients that you put in the machine into pizza dough for you.  It is rather remarkable how versatile some breadmakers truly are.

If you are interested in making your own pizza dough, then you have two choices.  You can do it by hand.  Some people prefer this method because it gives them a lot of control over exactly how well the dough is kneaded before it is baked.  The problem with this method is that it can be rather time consuming.  The other choice is to purchase a breadmaker that happens to have a pre-programed setting for pizza dough.  Individual breadmakers will vary from one another in many ways.  Some are designed to make a variety of breads, but not dough.  Others will have an automatic setting to make pizza dough programmed right into it.  Make sure you check to see if the breadmaker you are considering purchasing is capable of making pizza dough before you buy it.

Those of you who plan on using your breadmaker primarily as a device that makes pizza dough could accurately describe it as a pizza dough bread machine.  There are several advantages of making your own pizza dough instead of buying some already kneaded dough at the grocery store.  You get to control exactly what ingredients go into the pizza dough that you make at home.  If you are using a bread machine, then you can avoid the entire kneading process, which will save you time and effort.  Read the directions that come with the machine very carefully.  Some will let you toss in the measured ingredients, hit a button, and walk away.  Others will need you to stick around to do something to the dough as the machine is working.


Breadmakers that are able to make pizza dough will successfully knead the necessary ingredients into a nice, evenly blended, dough.  They will not cook the dough for you.  Expect that the dough will be in a raw state when the breadmaker indicates that it is done making the pizza dough.  You will need to remove the dough from the machine, and shape it into a flat, circular, pizza shape.  Now is the time to add the sauce, cheese, veggies, and meats that your family likes to have on their pizza.  Next, put the pizza into your regular oven, to bake it.  Your breadmaker cannot do all of those steps on its own, and it is not intended to.

The best part about having a pizza dough bread machine is that you get to enjoy pizza that is made with incredibly fresh dough.  Your breadmaker might be able to handle it if you get a little experimental.  Add some cheese, or some minced garlic to the dough.  Read the directions first, to make sure.

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