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Save Money on Rising Produce Prices

In an announcement made by the USDA in March of 2014, it was stated that the continuing drought that has been plaguing California is expected to have far reaching effects on the price and availability of many fruits and vegetables. This should come as no real surprise to most of us as California is responsible for producing almost half of the fruit and vegetables grown in the United States.


What Does this Really Mean?

Quite simply put, you can look forward to paying increasingly higher bills every time you go to checkout at your favorite grocery store. In fact when you buy things like green leafy vegetables, strawberries, grapes, and many of your favorites, you may pay as much as 10 to 15 percent more. Fortunately, there are several different ways you can cut the cost of your shopping trips, however like most worthwhile things saving money is going to take a little extra effort.

One way to start saving money and combat rising produce prices is to think outside the virtual produce box. In essence this means you need to look at all of the available options with regard to keeping your family provided with a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables, while still managing to keep the cost within your budget.


Cans, Freezers, and Bargain Shelves

While fresh produce is always going to be your best choice, with prices on the increase you may need to look for alternatives. For example, you can always stock up on canned fruits and veggies. Keep canned fruits healthy by choosing those packed in natural juices, and go for the low-salt veggies. Take a good look in the freezer department of your favorite grocery store for low prices on big bags. You can always split the bags up later.


Finally, many stores have bargain shelves where they place fruits and vegetables that are at risk of becoming over ripe. Often these items are sold at half price or less. Try shopping around instead of sticking to one store and use coupons and sales flyers whenever possible. Buying from farmers markets is another great way to keep your costs down.

With a little extra effort and shopping around, you and your family can still enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables this summer. Keep in mind you need to store everything you buy properly in order to avoid having it go bad before you get to eat it all.

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