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Things to Know About a Gluten Free Bread Machine

There are only two reasons why a person will choose to seek out a gluten free bread machine.  One reason is because the person is allergic to gluten, is intolerant of gluten, or has celiac disease.  These people need to avoid eating foods that contain gluten because their bodies cannot properly digest it.  It makes them sick, and can physically harm their intestines.  The other reason why people want to start eating gluten free is because they think it is healthier for them, or that this will help them to lose weight.

One way to be able to get plenty of fresh, tasty, gluten free bread is to make it yourself.  There are some gluten free breads that can be purchased at the grocery store, but they can be expensive.  Most people do not have the ability, or the desire, to measure out all of the necessary ingredients to make bread, and then to take the time to knead it into dough, and then bake it.  This is a good reason to invest in a breadmaker.  It makes the entire process of baking bread much faster and easier.

It is not possible to find a breadmaker that is called a Gluten Free Bread Machine.  They simply are not sold that way.  Instead, what you need to look for are breadmakers that have a specific gluten free setting.  This will immediately narrow down your potential choices because several breadmakers do not have a pre-programed gluten free setting that is all ready for you.  It is a good idea to read reviews about particular breadmakers that do have gluten free settings.  Gluten free bread does not include flour that is made from wheat, and most breadmakers are designed to bake bread made from wheat flour.  Therefore, not all breadmakers are going to be good at making gluten free breads, even if that same breadmaker is excellent for making other breads with.

People who have no choice except to stay on a gluten free diet, for health reasons, or due to allergies, have to be very careful about cross contamination.  This means that you cannot use the breadmaker to make regular bread that contains wheat flour one day, and then decide to make gluten free bread in it the next day.  It is impossible to be completely certain that you have removed every single speck of wheat flour from the machine, no matter how careful you are at washing it.  The only way to ensure that this breadmaker will be safe to make gluten free bread from, for people who have celiac disease, is to never, ever, ever, put wheat flour into it.

If you have a family member who has celiac disease, or an allergy to or intolerance of gluten, you have to be careful.  This means that your gluten free bread machine must only be used with ingredients that are completely gluten free.  This is going to require vigilance.  However, if you or someone in your family has to be on a gluten free diet, then an exclusive gluten free breadmaker might be the best way to find fresh, lovely, gluten free bread.

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