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Simple Food Swaps for Healthy Eating

There is more to healthy eating than simply cutting back on portion sizes. In recent years we have begun to learn more about making healthy choices than ever before. Half the battle is learning how to manage the amount of food you eat, the other half lies in learning to make the right choices. Many people feel that going on a diet means eating a host of tasteless foods in very small portions. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Change Can Be Good

Unlike many changes in our lives may not turn out for the best, you might be surprised at the difference making a few simple food swaps can make. These swaps typically involve swapping a tasty but less healthy ingredient for one that is still quite tasty but is far healthier for you. For example instead of that thick, chewy bagel you like to eat for breakfast, swap the bagel for a multigrain English muffin. Give up the cream cheese and jam for fresh strawberries and peanut butter.

As you can see this particular swap can be very tasty and in most areas of the country you can find fresh strawberries almost all year round. More importantly the peanut butter is high in protein, while the muffin is lower in fats and calories.



One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you can pick and choose your healthy food swaps to suit your tastes. Another perfect example would be to use Greek yogurt in place of the low-fat milk you have been using on your morning bowl of cereal. When you eat low fat granola and Greek yogurt, you are getting about 75% less fat.

With the right food swap, even your snacks can become healthier.  The next time you decide to reach for the peanuts to satisfy your cravings, eschew them in favor of edamame. Not only is edamame heart healthy, but 1/4 cup of edamame sprinkled with sesame seeds contains approximately 100 calories less than the same amount of peanuts and four more grains of protein.


There are many other healthy food swaps you can try including apple slices for multigrain crackers, corn tortillas instead of the flour ones, wraps instead of bread, and believe it or not center cut bacon instead of sausage. These simple swaps will satisfy the needs of everyone in your family and help to ensure they eat a healthier diet all year long.

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