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Celebrate Spring with Soup

Most people tend to think of cool autumn or cold winter nights when it comes to eating soup. But spring is the perfect time to start the year off right with a good healthy diet, one that can and should include a nice variety of soups. More importantly there is always a bumper crop of fresh vegetables available at this time of year.


More Soup – Less Food

Not only does soup tend to make you feel better with every bowl you eat, but eating a single bowl of soup packed with your favorite vegetables will reduce how much of the main course you eat. The liquid texture of the soup helps to give you a sense fullness. Less overall food intake means you will be consuming fewer calories. Adding vegetables such as asparagus or artichoke hearts provides you with plenty of nutrition without the need to overeat.


Veggies Are Everywhere

Spring is a great time of year to add a little more substance to your soups. Vegetables have become very trendy in the past few years. With a little looking around, you will find the stores packed with an incredible variety of veggies that make great added ingredients for the soups you should be serving your family.

Vegetables such as leafy greens can be added to your favorite soups without changing the taste or the texture. Consider veggies such as kale, lettuce, and spinach, these are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. All of which are vital to your good health and that of your family. All leafy greens contain high levels of chlorophyll, which in turn is loaded with magnesium. This vital mineral has been found to help reduce your risk of diabetes, strokes, and osteoporosis.


Popular Spring Vegetables



Spring brings with it warm sunny days, gentle rains, and a wide variety of vegetables that make the perfect addition to your favorite soups. Among these are asparagus, corn, peas, spinach, and squash. All of these can be used to add nutrition and delightfully light flavors to your soups. This spring introduce your family to a new range of comfort foods using your crock pot or slow cooker to serve them a range of light and delicious spring soups.

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