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Need to Organize Your Recipes – There’s an App for That

In the past few years it seems as though there has become an app for just about anything you can imagine. Today there are even a number of apps designed to help you create order out of the chaos your collection of recipes has become. Most people are quite comfortable with keeping their recipes on paper or cards in a box, but in time this can become a bit overwhelming, especially when you start to lose track of your favorites.


A Quick Search

A quick online search for recipe apps will turn up a huge number of programs designed to help you collect and store your favorites online or in a database you create on your computer. Many of these programs are designed primarily for you to clip and save the recipes you find online. However, there are also a number of them that will let you add recipes from your own collection. Some of the best will let you add pictures of your dishes, create shopping lists, and in many instances allow you to create complete menus based on the information contained in your recipe database.


Three Favorites


Pinterest: Over the course of the past couple of years this online bulletin board has become extremely popular. It allows you to assemble a collection of your favorite “pins” from websites and store them on your own board. The good news is that as your board grows, you can organize your recipes into categories complete with pictures and information. You can choose to keep your collection private or you can share it on the web.


Eat Your Books: This app lets you create your own personal cookbook online. Grab links from your favorite websites, add in books and magazines you already own, and keep track of the many blogs you are following. You can set the app to organize by category, ingredients, book author, and types of food or ethnicity. It also includes an online forum where you can chat with other like-minded people and a shopping list function to help you when you are headed to the grocery store.


Big Oven: This is one of the best apps for the beginner. Not only does the library come complete with more than 250,000 recipes, but also it allows you to upload your own. When you opt for the Pro level membership, you gain the ability to scan in your recipes or add them manually. It also includes the ability to add notes, clip web pages, and include nutritional information.

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